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Leorex Gold Moisturiser

Water-based Gold moisturizing cream with vitamins A, C, E

Antioxidants such as vitamin A , seaweed and minerals from the Dead Sea that
A rich source of expressing carotene and fatty acids. Multi and the concentration of vitamins
Creates a protective layer that minimizes the uptake of oxygenate and pollutants and strengthens
The natural process of skin throttle.
Moisturizing Cream nourishes skin for 12 hours with particles
Are released slowly throughout the day.



Vase - 50ml

Leorex Gold Moisturiser

SKU: LG001
$179.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
  • *For the complete and updated list of ingredients, please refer to the product pack

    Silica nanoparticles - smoothes existing facial skin wrinkles and prevents new wrinkles.

    24 carat gold - encourages facial oxygen and blood flow that removes and prevents wrinkles.

    Hyaluronic acid - stimulates and lifts skin composition, protects from solar and toxic damage, moisturizes and softens facial skin. 

    Marine hydrolyzed collagen - moisturizes and activates new skin cells; triggers amino acids to refresh the skin naturally.    

    Laminaria Ochroleuca Laminaria Seaweed Extract - refreshes and hydrates facial skin; stimulates oxygen into epidermis cells and removes harmful environmental elements.

    Shea butter - cariterols in this natural moisturizer protect facial skin and inhibit the formation of wrinkles. 

    Plankton extract - natural moisture-binding properties high in essential fatty acids, which are the building blocks of healthy cells. Provides deep, enduring moisture to the skin.

    Copper tripeptide-1 - a protein composed of three amino acids (glycine, histidine, and lysine) combined with copper. Smoothes wrinkles and rejuvenates skin.

    Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein - derived from wheat germ, provides proteins to moisturize and maintain proper acid balance in the skin.

    Grape seed oil - natural antioxidant that softens and refreshes the skin.

  • Apply Moisturizer Gold in the morning and at night. Natural ingredients will work up to 12 hours. Best when used with Booster Gold for maximum moisturisation

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