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Covid-19 Safety Procedures



  • We disinfect all surfaces that may have been touched or handled during your service, such as chairs, countertops, payment system, etc., with cleaning products that are an effective use against emerging viral pathogens and COVID-19.  

  • Soap and 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer are provided 

  • Staff are required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before and after they serve a guest.  

  • Towels, aprons, reusable masks, and any linens are washed on a sanitation cycle and are immediately stored in cabinetry after being thoroughly dried. 

  • Disposable bed sheets and bed coverings are used and are thrown after every client. 

  • Reusable tools are thoroughly sanitised. Tools are cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner in a high-heat sanitizer cabinet and followed by a UV-C sterilizer for complete disinfection.


  • Face masks are required to be worn by our staff and clients alike. 

  • Our staff wear a face shield for added protection.  

  •  1 meter apart is required to ensure proper social distancing measures.  

  • Staff and clients are required to take off their shoes before entering the rooms.

  • Clients are recommended to book an appointment with us beforehand 


Additional Information

  • Clients are required to check-in and have their temperatures taken before entry.

  • Our staff will have their temperatures taken twice a day. If unwell, they will be required to take an MC.

  •  For your safety-We will be asking our customers to share information on their recent travel history.-We will NOT be accepting appointments for customers who have travelled in the past 14 days.-We reserve the right to turn down appointments for customers who are feeling unwell and will recommend rescheduling of their appointments.

  • For additional enquires, you may contact us at our contact page 

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